Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
Thank you for selling the Humane Dressage Girth. Both my Quarter Horses have short and forward girth spots so that in the past when I girthed up, the extended billets shifted to a more angled and forward position pulling the saddle out of place. Further, I was only able to put one billet through the saddle pad keepers and as I rode, the bottom edge of the saddle pad bunched under the billets. I am please to say the Humane Dressage Girth has eliminated all these problems. I especially appreciate the generous width of the girth because it distributes pressure evenly and therefore more comfortably for the horse. I also noticed the design of buckle-to-elastic acts as a safety feature. It appears that should one portion of the elastic become faulty the other would remain secure long enough for me to dismount by choice! Looking forward to purchasing the Humane Hunter/Jumper Girth!
Happy Horse

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