All Purpose & Trail Saddles

All purpose (AP) or general purpose (GP) saddles are the perfect choice for beginning and casual riders. The shape and depth of the seat is between a deep dressage seat and a shallow jumping seat. All purpose saddles are ideal for trail riding, general riding lessons, and beginner competitions when you don’t want to change saddles between events.

Check out these amazing deals on gently used all purpose and trail saddles by The Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co:

Smith-Worthington Danzig All Purpose Saddle – Used

  • Steel and wood spring trees with strong overlapping steel head plates allow for tree adjustment many times as your horse muscles and matures, or if you get a different horse.
  • Gussetted panels with virgin wool flock stuffing allow proper fit to your horse.
  • “Fired” (pre-stretched) pure linen webbing insures that the seat never sags – you sit in a “hammock” of web and never hit the steel bars of the tree.
  • Deeply recessed stirrup bars nearly eliminate stirrup leather bulge under the skirts.
  • Made in England.

Color: Havana Brown

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Size: 17″

Price: $750.00 $3616.00

Smith-Worthington All Purpose Wide Saddle – Used

Color: Brown

Size: 18.5″

Price: $850.00 $3616.00

Smith-Worthington Mystic M+ All Purpose Saddle – Used

Well-designed and expertly constructed, Mystic saddles are manufactured to Smith-Worthington specifications in Argentina. Mystic saddles have all of the important features of their more expensive England-made saddles. 

  • Full Grain cowhide seats, skirts, panels and flaps will last for many years with proper care. 
  • Flock stuffed panels allow for adjusting the fit of the saddle to your horse’s back.
  • Steel and wood spring trees are resizable to accommodate most equine conformations.

Color: Brown

Size: 19.25″

Price: $1295.00 $1700.00

Smith-Worthington Maxx Trail Saddle – Used

Maxx Trail saddles are made in England using some of the finest materials in the world.

Color: Brown

Size: 17″

Price: $1900.00 $3616.00

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