Dressage Saddles

Dressage is a style of riding that develops and showcases a horse’s balance, obedience, and flexibility. Dressage saddles keep the rider neatly balanced and comfortably upright so they can focus on cuing their horse effectively. A well-fitted dressage saddle makes all the difference in dressage training!

Here are some ways in which dressage saddles are uniquely designed to support the rider:

  • A deeper seat holds the rider in.
  • Padded flaps and knee rolls keep the rider’s legs from shifting or moving forward.
  • Longer flaps and stirrups give the rider more balance and poise.

Smith-Worthington Maxx Medium Dressage Saddle – Used

The Maxx line holds up nicely over time and will last for many years to come. Check out this gently used one that’s on sale for a fraction of its original price!

Color: Dark

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Size: 19″

Price: $1036.08 $3600.00

The Smith-Worthington Difference

If you’re in need of a beautiful and well-built dressage saddle, Smith-Worthington is a brand you can trust. They incorporate over 200 years of saddle making knowledge, along with some of the world’s finest materials in their saddles.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Smith-Worthington saddle:

  • Gussetted panels with virgin wool flock stuffing so you can properly fit the saddle to your horse.
  • “Fired” (pre-stretched) pure linen webbing ensures that the seat never sags – you’ll sit in a “hammock” of web and never hit the steel bars of the tree.
  • Deeply recessed stirrup bars nearly eliminate stirrup leather bulge under the skirts.
  • Made in England.

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