About Us

Smith-Worthington was started in 1794 when George Washington was President. Normand Smith, our company’s founder, offered his services and wares: saddles, especially “ladies side saddles of the latest fashion”, trunks and bridlework to the public and invited their confidence and patronage.

His industry, ability and integrity laid the foundation for our company which has continued uninterrupted for over 200 years. This record remains our heritage and inspiration.

Today, we build saddles with the same pride and care as did Normand Smith. We work with noted professional and amateur riders and trainers to develop the best designs. We still use many of the original methods and materials, such as pure linen webbing, steel reinforced trees, pigskin seats, and virgin wool flock stuffing. This combination of traditional quality and modern design provides you with the some of the finest saddles in the world.

Should Normand Smith be able to visit our Hartford, Connecticut factory today, we believe that he would be impressed and comfortable with the way we make saddles. We pledge to continue this tradition of quality.

 We manufacture custom saddles and offer full-service alterations and repairs at our Hartford factory. In addition to manufacturing saddles and related leather goods, we import and distribute saddles, bridles, halters, girths, training equipment, bits, spurs, stirrups, ...

While our roots are in the 18th century, Smith-Worthington is firmly planted in the 21st century. We try to be as ecological and conscientious as possible.



natural daylight and high efficiancy flourescent lighting reduce electrical consumption and are less tiring.



new, efficient unit heaters are 90% efficient and allow us to heat offices and warehouse separately. Programable thermostats further reduce energy consumption.


Recycling and reusing:

All office paper and old cardboard boxes are recycled . We reuse boxes whenever possible. We recycle all bottles, cans and plastics from our kitchen. We even compost scraps from lunch.

When you purchase from our online store, please indicate upon checkout if you are willing to have us reuse a box when sending your order.



Some of our staff carpools to work.


We work a 4-day week (Tuesday – Friday) allowing staff 3 days each week to tend to personal matters and re-charge their personal batteries.

We come in to work on Tuesday morning refreshed and ready to serve you. Also, by having a 4-day work week, we save not only about 150 car miles of transportation, but 1 day of heating and cooling.


Staff members are allowed to bring their pets to work. Three dogs work hard snoozing under the desks and accepting pats. They take us outside several times a day for exercise. They keep us sane.


Smith Worhtington sign