Stellar Helix Dressage Saddle

Stellar Helix Dressage Saddle
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Price: $2,222.00
Product ID : A587



So comfortable, supportive and balanced you’ll wish you had this saddle for
your office chair.

Padded double leather construction for softness and tactile feel. Adjustable stirrup bars allow correct placement of stirrups for perfect ear-hip-heel alignment. Large built-in blocks offer gentle support. Extremely close contact monoflap design with “whippy” style panels makes the Helix ideal for broad backed horses with well developed shoulders. Billets swing within a wide billet sleeve allowing versatility in girth placement. Black.

Imported. 30 year tree warranty.

Tree widths: M, M/W, W, XW
Flap Length: 17 3/8"

Seat depth: 3 1/2”

Seat width: 10”

Measurements done on 17 1/2" saddle. Other sizes are proportional.

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11/15/2012 - 09:27:08 AM
Stellar Helix Saddle
Dear Curt,
I have been out trail riding with my new Helix saddle and it has been a very good experience. I was somewhat hesitant to buy a new saddle because there are so many good used saddles for sale at a fraction of the cost. However, I think finding the right saddle which will be a good match for both horse and rider can be quite a challenge. I had a wish list of all the things I was looking for in a new saddle and the Helix does everything on my list which includes:
1. fits my horse well and is comfortable for her
2. Puts me in the correct riding position
3. Gives me a secure comfortable seat
4. Gives me very close contact
5. Is made with soft leather
It does all of the above very well and it fits Sasha, my Arabian mare, so well, one would think it was custom made for her. I find that she is now more willing to go forward without hesitation and I suspect that is because she is more comfortable in this new saddle. I bought a pair of Webber stirrup leathers which are made by Bates to go with the saddle. These leathers consist of just a single strap of leather with a loop on the end which goes over the stirrup bar. This means there is no buckle or added bulk under your thigh. Adjustments to stirrup length are made down by your ankles. The result is that the stirrup leathers lie flat and there is no bulk under your thigh which improves the close contact experience.

The people I spoke with in your office were very helpful and kind. As I said in my opening sentence, it's been a good experience.

Don Bradbury