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The Best Saddle Place-- Ever! I am blown away by the saddle fitting expertise, knowledgeable, kind and responsive customer service, and of course, the high-end padded fabulous flawless comfortable gorgeous Stellar Altair CC saddle and humane girth I bought. I was thrilled to finally find an online saddlery team that understood my fit challenges and how to solve them. My big gelding and I are both Very Happy. I highly recommend this saddle shop for everyone, and especially those with wide or hard to fit horses, or long legged or hard to fit riders. THANK YOU!
My Dream Saddle :)
I have had my Smith Worthington saddle for 4-5 years and have loved its comfort for my horse and myself continuously. At my age (68), I have lower back issues that require a comfortable saddle seat. As soon as I tried a Smith Worthington, I was amazed at how comfortable it was. Holly was able to fit my saddle to both my high withered horse and me. She added special leg supports to keep my right leg in place. As my 21 year old 17.2 hand Hanovarian's back begins to change, Holly has been able to tweak the saddle in the pommel area to accommodate his withers. The service is great and the saddle fitting is very competent.
Barbara Rodgers, Brookview Farm
Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co. saved the day!
I literally spent months and a huge amount of money working with the popular custom saddlery company active in the western US who were trying to get my expensive custom saddle to fit my very ordinary (but huge) horse. They even talked me into another new custom saddle because they said my old one could not possibly be made to fit my horse. They kept adjusting the trees to be asymmetrical and he kept getting worse. I literally could not ride for months. After speaking with the talented folks at Smith-Worthington and sending some photos, I shipped my saddle to them to adjust. They adjusted the tree (back to symmetrical for my very symmetrical horse), changed the point angles for his huge shoulders, and installed a "sliding / adjustable" billet system. The saddle fits like a dream! It's been almost 5 months now back to work for us. He's building muscle, completely happy and comfortable and my pocketbook is smiling too. And there's no need to schedule for "adjustments" every 3 months like the other folks insisted on doing. They were stupendous! Problem solved.
I can't say enough for the talent and skill of Corey and the other saddlers at Smith-Worthington. They get two thumbs up and my whole-hearted recommendation! Thank you!
Jana Flagler
Thank you for selling the Humane Dressage Girth. Both my Quarter Horses have short and forward girth spots so that in the past when I girthed up, the extended billets shifted to a more angled and forward position pulling the saddle out of place. Further, I was only able to put one billet through the saddle pad keepers and as I rode, the bottom edge of the saddle pad bunched under the billets. I am please to say the Humane Dressage Girth has eliminated all these problems. I especially appreciate the generous width of the girth because it distributes pressure evenly and therefore more comfortably for the horse. I also noticed the design of buckle-to-elastic acts as a safety feature. It appears that should one portion of the elastic become faulty the other would remain secure long enough for me to dismount by choice! Looking forward to purchasing the Humane Hunter/Jumper Girth!
Happy Horse

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