Jumping Saddles

Horse and rider jumping over a hurdle

Jumping saddles are built for mobility and agility rather than security. They let the rider move around freely and and rise up quickly over jumps. It’s both easier and safer to jump over walls, fences, and other obstacles when riding in a saddle that’s uniquely designed for jumping.

Here are some important features of jumping saddles:

  • A shallow seat gives the rider more control of their body and position.
  • Forward-cut flaps help the rider stay in a forward position by supporting their bent knee.
  • Shorter stirrups help the rider to raise up when jumping over obstacles.

Stellar Altair Close Contact Jumping Saddle + Matching Tack

Smith Worthington Stellar Altair Close Contact Jumping Saddle

Stellar saddles are designed for rider and equine comfort. They have many of the same features as English-made Smith-Worthington saddles: 

  • Fully padded and covered with full grain glove-tanned cowhide for just the right cushion, grip and tactile feeling. 
  • Internal flap blocks provide proper leg support. 
  • Flexible steel & wood spring trees and gusseted, flock stuffed panels allow ample adjustment for fitting most conformations.
  • Strong steel head plates can be refitted many times as your horse matures or if you get a different horse.

Condition: Used 10 Rides

Size: 19.5″; Horse-Size Bridle

Price: $2452.66 $2900.00

The Smith-Worthington Difference

If you’re in need of a solid jumping saddle, Smith-Worthington is a brand you can trust. Their craftsmanship incorporates over 200 years of saddle making knowledge, along with some of the world’s finest materials.

Here are some more benefits of choosing a Smith-Worthington saddle:

  • Gussetted panels with virgin wool flock stuffing so you can properly fit the saddle to your horse.
  • “Fired” (pre-stretched) pure linen webbing ensures that the seat never sags – you’ll sit in a “hammock” of web and never hit the steel bars of the tree.
  • Deeply recessed stirrup bars nearly eliminate stirrup leather bulge under the skirts.

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